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We ship all our products world wide, accept 45 kg cylinders. 
We sell controlled, safe, clean burning waste oil heaters.
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 drip fed waste oil heating.com 
Althought drip fed waste oil heating is still our name we are far from than that with fan forced airflow 
with electronics to control the heater.
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What's for sale in the workshop today.

If you don't see what you want, please ask.

As from 1/02/2020

We have a half built heater sitting there, a blower pipe needs to be built and fitted and controller built to complete it.

5 x 45 kg cylinders. 

If you need a heater let us know.


New Zealand 027 349 9592

    [email protected]


There is two open waste oil heaters one blue flame.

Priced from $750.00

We have run these heaters at 500c for 5 hours  1.7 litre an hour.

If you would like to see them in operation we can get them set and going for you. 

This large blue flame heater with bouncey caste fan.
Excellent heaters comes with all the gear including oil.
There is another one of these with a smaller fan $1100.00
Priced $1400.00 

The Rocket Stove.

Made to order.

Excellent little cooker uses small sticks to feed the fire.

Great outdoors bushman stuff or take it camping.

Great gift we can even gift wrap it for you.

Weights 10 kg 150 mm box x 5 mm thick steel fire box.300 mm long x 370 mm high.

Flue is 89 x 89 mm box 2.5 mm.

Stands 500 mm high x 150 mm wide, clean burning if dry wood is used.

It will last forever.

$159.00 NZD

                                                       We do all types of coils large and larger from 100mm - 280mm diametre all in 12.7mm copper.

Copper coils are regular build at Drip Fed.

Priced at $299.00 each

15 metres long x 12.7mm dia x 0.71mm wall thickness.

With 15mm brass fitting to connect to.


                           7.5 metres with fittings. $189.00nzd                                           30 metres built for customer requirements.$698.00nzd